Thursday, September 6, 2007

Where's the wiki?

If you're looking for the wiki mentioned in my book, please accept my apologies for now. I posted a wiki a year ago and vandals got to it several times. The maintenance took more time than I have, so I took it down.

However, the administrative chores may not be so bad when shared by an active wiki community. If 10 or more people with regenerative living projects are willing to help maintain a gaiome wiki, I'll restore it. Just leave a comment that you're willing to help.

But before you hit the "comments" link, consider whether other media could do the job better. I find the interface at blogspot very easy and will be using it for my family's house journal. Over time, I'll be linking to other regenerative blogs and wikis from this blog. If you know of one, please leave a comment with a link.

Finally, consider contributing to an existing permaculture wiki such as


hgradeca said...

Dear Mr. Polk!
First of all, I want to apologise for spamming your blog, but I couldn't find any other way to contact you.
I am aware that you have stopped developing your 2sky application, but I think that it would really be a shame if it goes into oblivion. Please, is there any way that, if you don't want to develop it any further, that you release it as a freeware or something like that? I am a new Palm user and have read many good reviews about 2sky, but I cannot buy it although I would really like to. I would also like to get 2red, it would be really helpful to me, because I like astronomy a lot.
If you are not interested in developing it any further, could you give (or sell) the source code to someone else, because I think that it is really a shame that there is no way to get this great application anymore! From all the programs about which I have read, I like yours the most, because it is both simple and powerful.
If there is any way for me to get a copy of 2sky and 2red, please tell me!
Sorry if I have bothered you, I just think that it is not good that such a great application disappears!
Yours sincerely,
Hrvoje Gradecak

PS Your Gaiome concept looks really great and from what I have read, I really like it! :)

I hope that you will respond to my email ( :)

Keith said...

Hi Kevin,

I look forward to an opportunity to check out your book! There is space for a Gaiome wiki on the northeastern permaculture wiki- I think it'd be a nice addition, and there are enough active users that vandalism wouldn't be a problem.

Sounds like very interesting stuff.


Kev said...

You can get a free copy at SourceForge. I have moved on to other projects and no longer maintain or support 2sky.

orionsmind said...
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orionsmind said...

aloha! thank you so much for gaiome..fantastic..really got my mind going..i would love to get your contact info. i have a few ideas i would really like to float your way. thanks-ryan kronewitter (facebook)