Friday, May 30, 2008

Gaiome wins IPPY Award!

Placing among titles by Harvard and Yale University Press, Gaiome won the Bronze medal (Science category) in the 2008 Independent Publisher Book Awards.

The contest, now in its 12th year, showcases the leading books by small and independent publishers. Awards were presented Friday, May 30th, at the annual BookExpo America convention in Los Angeles. In its official announcement, contest sponsor Jenkins Group called special attention to the "important breakthroughs" in the new science category this year.

"I am really grateful to have this recognition," said author Kevin Scott Polk. "Gaiome really challenged the status quo. Not only did it challenge nearly a century of thought on space travel, it questioned humanity's ancient quest to dominate nature. For anyone who has wondered if space offers a viable escape from the world's problems, Gaiome provides both a jolting wake-up call and an uplifting alternative vision of our future on Earth and beyond."

Gaiome: Notes on Ecology Space Travel and Becoming Cosmic Species ( July, 2007; 296 pages, 19 illustrations; $15.95 soft-cover; $9.95 e-book) is available from

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